Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales FAQ

Are your programs user-friendly?

Do I need an active internet connection?

What operating system do I need?

Do your programs run on a Mac?

Do you provide free help and support?

What is the difference between Cameo and PatternMaster?

The short answer:

What is CAD?

How accurate are the patterns?

Can I open patterns from your software in other software programs?

Can I create fashion illustrations and specification drawings?

Do you have a 3-D or virtual model?

Can I scan in pictures and make patterns?

Can I use a digitizing or graphics tablet?

Can I do draping?

How are the patterns printed?

Are your programs compatible with plotters?

Can I send my patterns to a printing service?

Can I use tractor feed paper?

Can I sell patterns created in your software?

Can I sell garments sewn from patterns from PatternMaster programs?

Can I sell items sewn from Wild Things patterns?

Can I make doll patterns?

Are there fabric yardage requirements?

What is the best way to achieve great fit?

Can I take my own measurements?

Do you have step by step sewing instructions?

Do you take requests for new styles?

Do you offer educational discounts?

Do you offer bundle or volume discounts?