Wild Ginger Software Product Prices


Wild Ginger Software regular retail prices are listed below. All prices are quoted in US dollars per EACH item. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: All of our programs are sold separately and do not require other software to function. can buy only what you need.

Wild Ginger Product Retail Price
PatternMaster Boutique $225 US
PatternMaster Child's Play $125 US
PatternMaster Curves $150 US
PatternMaster Knits $150 US
PatternMaster Tailor Made $125 US
Cameo Pattern Design $950 US
Cameo Grading $950 US
Cameo Made to Fit $950 US
Cameo Women's Library $350 US
Cameo Women's Knits Library $350 US
Cameo Women's Bodywear Library $350 US
Cameo Men's Library $350 US
Cameo Children's Library $350 US
Digital Flat Pattern Textbook $95 US
Pants: Fitting, Design, and Construction Book $30 US
Stitch-n-Stash v2 $45 US
Style Match v1 $25 US
Collection - PMB01 (free in PMB7) $30 US
Collection - PMB02 (free in PMB7) $30 US
Collection - PMB03 (free in PMB7) $30 US
Collection - PMB05 $30 US
Collection - PMB06 $30 US
Collection - PMB07 $30 US
Wild Things Dolls v6 $90 US
Wild Things Pets v3 $45 US