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System Requirements

Operating System


Please NOTE: All of our current software programs are Windows native and run on the following versions of Windows.

Please NOTE: Our current software programs require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 to function. To determine if the .NET Framework is installed, go to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs, Programs and Features, or Uninstall Programs. Scroll down and look for the list of .NET Frameworks installed in the list of installed programs. If the .Net Framework is not installed, your computer will need to be connected to the internet during the program installation process so that the .Net Framework can be installed at the same time.

Our software programs WILL NOT RUN on Windows 8 RT or Windows 10 RT (the tablet version of Windows 8 or 10 running on Surface.)


We do not offer native OSX Mac versions. You can run our programs on a Mac using a dual-boot system that runs Windows programs on your Mac.

Mobile Devices - Tablets and Smart Phones

Minimum Computer Requirements

Installation Requirements

If you have questions about system compatibility or other requirements, please contact us at