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Installing or Moving PatternMaster v6 to a New Computer

PatternMaster v6 Download Links

Download PatternMaster v6 Boutique FINAL Build Download

Download PatternMaster v6 Child's Play FINAL Build Download

Download PatternMaster v6 Curves FINAL Build Download

Download PatternMaster v6 Knits FINAL Build Download

Download PatternMaster v6 Tailor Made FINAL Build Download

Product Key

You will need your product key to activate your software on your new computer. Your product key can most likely be found in your account in our webstore.

Copying Data from Your Old Computer

ALL of the data for your PatternMaster program is contained in the file PMx7CHARTS.SDF. It is a database that stores all saved measurement charts, your default settings, and any saved styles.

To move your measurement charts, saved styles, and saved pattern files and layouts, you will need to copy the data from your old computer to a back up medium such as a CD, thumb drive, or an offsite back up utility such as Carbonite or Crash plan. If you did not back up your data and no longer have access to the old computer, you will not be able to restore the data on your new computer.

Deactivating the Software

Installing the Program

Activating the Program

Restoring Data and Files

If you are restoring or moving more than one PatternMaster program, BE ABSOLUTELY certain to create separate folders for each PatternMaster in your back up location. Many of the files that you back up will have the same name in each program.