Transferring Software Licenses

You can under most circumstances, sell or give away software purchased from Wild Ginger.

  • You may permanently transfer all rights to non-academic licenses to another individual or entity provided that you retain no copies of the software and the recipient agrees to the terms of this license agreement.
  • If you have purchased upgrades, you must transfer the rights to ALL versions of the software that you own.
  • The software must be deactivated and removed from your computer(s) per the instructions in the accompanying documentation.
  • Academic and student licenses CANNOT be transferred.

Please NOTE: review the End User License Agreement for each program for specific details, requirements and restrictions.

To transfer your license, complete the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the software on all computers on which it is installed, including all versions, if you still have access to those computer(s).
  2. Complete the transfer document found at the link below send it to us.
  3. Transfer all CDs, product keys, and documentation to the transferee.

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