Wild Ginger Wiki Construction Tips

  • Kirsten.....I don’t know if this is a well known technique for sewing princess style seams. It was just such an eye opener for me. I love princess seams and always (yes ALWAYS) had the one side pucker no matter how careful I was. I was given the following simple suggestion and it works for me everytime now. If this is common knowledge at least I benefitted greatly.

    ---When sewing princess seam use the feed dog to help ease the longer piece in. The longer pattern piece must be at the bottom and do not use directional stitching.

    ---Sew seam in 3 stages with needle in fabric, lift pressure foot to release fabric, put foot down again and continue as follows:

    1. from edge to 1st notch (lift)
    2. seam middle section easing in larger piece underneath (lift)
    3. remainder of seam

  • Penny.....Use painter's tape instead of pins when sewing patch pockets.
  • Helene.....Use spray on adhesive to hold small pattern pieces in place while you cut.
  • Susan.....Use Steam-A-Seam just about anywhere you would baste or whereever you are top-stitching. I just finished a stripped shirt and the pocket placement on the stripes was a breeze with S-A-S and then when I top-stitched the pocket it was smooth and easy.
  • Margie.....Elmer's School House glue can be used on washable fabrics to baste them together. Apply a thin line of glue, and press with a dry iron. When done with your project, wash and the glue comes right out. I use this for quilting as well as garment construction. The glue also comes right off a cool iron.
  • Ann.....One of my favorite tools and tips is to use a bamboo skewer to hold the fabric as I am stitching. Helps to hold fabrics from shifting and you can also "scooch" the top layer forward with it if you need to.

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