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Rectangular Purse by Marjorie Baker

The rectangular purse has two pockets with magnetic snap fastener. Shoulder strap may be attached in seam or hooked to loops that are sewn into the top seam. Purse is lined. Flap may be decorated with machine embroidery before assembly.

  1. Depending on fabric choice, apply fusible interfacing to wrong side of purse fabric and lining fabric where snap fastener will be applied.
  2. Add decorative stitching or machine embroidery to outside flap.
  3. Turn under edges of each pocket, hem top edges. Sew pockets to outer purse on each side of snap placement circle.
  4. Apply ball half of snap to purse at circle indicated on pattern.
  5. Apply socket half to purse lining at circle indicated on pattern.
  6. Fold under long edges of shoulder strap and fold in half lengthwise. Topstitch close to each edge.
  7. Position shoulder straps along top edge of outside flap piece about 1 inch in from each side.
  8. With right side together, sew flap to outer purse, leaving an opening between points A and B indicated on pattern. You may want to stitch over straps a couple of times for reinforcement. Press seam toward flap.
  9. With right sides together, sew straight end of lining to straight end of outer purse.
  10. Understitch this seam to prevent lining fabric from rolling to outside. Press seam flat so that lining is behind outer purse.
  11. With right side of outer purse together, fold lining seam up to ½ inch from flap seam, pin in place. (Figure 1)
  12. Bring right side of lining up to meet right side of purse flap. Tuck shoulder strap inside. Sew raw edges together, leaving folded edges open. (Figure 2) Trim and notch curves.
  13. Turn purse and lining right sides out through opening in flap seam and press.
  14. Top stitch close to folded flap seam all the way across and though both layers (lining and flap), continuing around outer edge of flap.
  15. To form square corner on bottom of purse, turn purse, lining side out. Flatten corner to form a triangle by matching bottom fold line to side seam. Sew through all thicknesses about ½” in from point. This will create an approximate 1” wide corner.
  16. Repeat for second corner.