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Your best fitting buddy can be your digital camera or smart phone. There is no need to twist and turn while looking in a mirror trying to see if your garments fit correctly. With correctly marked fitting garments and digital photos, you can easily see where you need to make adjustments to the fit.

This purpose of this class is to demonstrate how to create a dress or top and pants fit garments, take and edit your own pictures and evaluate the fit right on your computer screen. These techniques also work great with clients you are working with from a distance.

For this class, you will need

picture fit

FREE Graphics Editors

If you have not used a photo or graphics editing program before, we recommend that you take our free class on editing digital photos. A link to the class can be found in the additional resources section at the end of this document.

Choosing the Patterns

Wild Ginger Patterns

Commercial Paper Patterns

These ease amounts will create close fitting but still wearable garments. It is better to err towards a garment that is a bit too large than one that is too small and will not close around you.

NOTE:   The fitting garment patterns depicted here are drafted in our PatternMaster Boutique program. Commercial paper patterns will likely look a bit different.

Constructing the Garments

Taking the Photos

picture fit

Dress Views

picture fit

Pant Views

Editing the Photos

picture fit

Denote body markings

Evaluating the Fit

Now you are ready to evaluate the fit of your garments. Following are just a few examples of fitting issues you can identify in your photos. Start by looking at the full length pictures. Use the Zoom tools in your graphics program to magnify specific areas to see detail.

Note where the markings are not parallel to the floor. Also note wrinkles and pulls. They will denote areas where fitting alterations will likely need to be made.

For advice on fitting alterations, review our Wild Ginger Fit Guide. A link to this guide can be found at the end of this document.

Fitting Dress or Top

The shoulders are the hanger for your garment so start at the shoulders to evaluate the fit. If the shoulders are drastically incorrect, you may need to alter them first and then make a new fit garment.

Fitting Pants

The waistband should be at the natural waist, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the navel and not pulling up or down. Remember, these are fitting pants, the waistband will not be where you probably like to wear it.

Additional Resources

Editing Digital Photos Tutorial

Click here to review our tutorial on editing digital photos

FREE Image and Photo Editors

Click here for Windows Live Essentials with Photo Gallery Click here for Mac Paintbrush

One caveat with freeware programs. They often try to install additional programs such as search bars and other web utilities. Just be sure to watch the install carefully and decline to install anything you do not want.