Online Fabric Sources


Following are online sources of great fabrics recommended by our users.

    Christine wrote: I like Dharma Trading for a lot of reasons; and for a lot of reasons they wouldn't be the right fabric fit for everyone. They carry a lot of silks and their prices are unbelievably low. That said, they are mostly whites and a few blacks, primarily used for art dyeing and painting. I get silk scarves from them for painting at 4 and 5 dollars. I get several different weights of blouse and dress silk for projects and for dyeing, likewise low. And they have all the silk dyes and paints right there with the fabric. For those who are embroiders, they have a lot of blanks in cotton and silk, but that isn't, strictly speaking, fabric. And last but not least, their stafff is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Delivery time is good.

    Marilyn wrote: Emma One Sock is just outstanding.

    Ivalyn wrote: I love Emma One Sock because she has so many one of kind fabrics. Her stock is so "rich" looking.

    Nancy wrote: "Two reasons I like Emma One Sock are (1) the site specifies Pantone numbers, which let me judge colors without being overly dependent on my monitor settings; (2) it’s possible to order a fabric but have shipping delayed to consolidate with later orders to save on shipping costs."

    Jeanne wrote: I like - the shipping is so fast, and often, you can even get it free with his many sales. I've never had a problem with quality and understand that if I ever did, he works with the customer.

    Marilyn wrote: I purchase from too because quality is generally good, they have a large selection and price is good.

    Olwyn Mary wrote: I like Fashion Fabrics club because their site is easy to navigate - they have the description, width and fabric content right there on the main page, no having to click on the pix to get this info. As I am generally looking for specific fabrics for a particular garment, I want to know right up front what the fiber is and how wide it is. I will pay significantly more for 60" fabric than for 45" for certain garments, as I need so much less. Yes, their service is not fast. Usually takes a week to get here. OTOH, it is usually pretty good fabric, and they cut generously.

    Nancy wrote: "For knits, I especially like, which carries a lot of interestingly understated prints and textures (though the palette is skewed toward black, gray, and brown)."

    Patti wrote: Their customer service and prices are excellent. They sell most things made of or containing Spandex.

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