Dress Fitting Guide


Note: please do not make changes to the default settings unless advised to by Wild Ginger support. Do not try to guess changes you would need to make to the pants until you have tried them on.

The dress fitting garment should be a close fitting wearable dress. The sleeves may feel snug and tight when your arms are raised. The chest line, hip line and biceps line must be level on the body.

Note: if the dress is too tight in the hips, stop sewing and contact support@wildginger.com. We are not able to judge fit on dresses that are too tight. You should be able to pinch ease at the chest and hip level.

CLICK HERE for instructions on obtaining assistance with fitting issues

CLICK HERE for help with bust point settings.

To begin the dress fitting process:

  • Take, enter, and save your measurements.
  • The easy way to get a good chart is to put in the Required Measurements and let the program calculate the rest of the chart.
  • To calculate the optional measurements, uncheck the boxes next to each optional measurements, and click on Calc Measure on the menu.
  • Save the measurement chart and go to Fit Garments.
  • Select Dress on the Fit Garments screen.
  • Use the default ease settings: chest ease - 2.5, waist ease - .75, hip ease - 2.5
  • On the Settings tab, measure and enter the Dart Pt Vert and Dart Pt Horz settings. These two settings determine the location of the marked bust point and side bust and waist dart points
  • Set front and back waist darts to 2 and back dart to Shoulder
  • Sew your fit garment in a light-colored light weight fabric - NO prints or patterns
  • Mark the chest, waist, hip, and biceps level on the fabric before sewing (as shown below). Use a dark marker that will be visible in a photo.
  • Review the guide sheet that is generated for your fit garment
  • Do not make any alterations to the patterns before sewing them
  • The patterns do not draft with seam allowance at the neck edge, skirt or sleeve hem. Leave as a cut edge.
  • Insert a zipper in either the center front or center back seam
  • You MUST sew in both sleeves
  • Trim and clip the sleeve seams
  • Try on your dress and take a FULL FRONT view, BACK view, and SIDE view photo - your arms must be down at your side and your head must be visible; DO NOT send close up views.

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