Cameo v7 Made to Fit

Made to Fit provides the ability to alter styled patterns to any custom-sized set of body measurements. This “made to measure”    program allows you to create styled patterns once and automatically resize them to fit any individual.

  NOTE: Cameo Made to Fit REQUIRES the purchase of the Cameo Pattern Design module.

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Cameo Made to Fit Features

  • 15 day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Creates patterns in custom sizes
  • Alter styled patterns to any set of body measurements
  • Real time measurement chart editing during the alteration process
  • Easy measurement entry - store up to 2000 sets of measurements
  • Intiutive pattern tagging process
  • Includes tools for editing client patterns
  • Automatic pattern labeling after size alteration
  • Batch processing options
  • FREE and unlimited technical support
  • Standard-sized measurement charts for women, men, and children
  • Integrated help, movie tutorials, and written projects
  • Invented, written, and supported by an expert pattern maker
  • Support for Windows based printers and plotters
  • Rotate/Move patterns on print screen to improve paper usage
  • Print full, half, and quarter scale
  • Export to PDF format
  • Export to standard AutoCAD DXF format
  • HTML, RTF, and PDF Reporting

Digital Flat Pattern Textbook

Please NOTE: pattern making skills are required to create well-formed patterns in Pattern Design. If you are new to computerized pattern making, check out our comprehensive textbook.