Wild Ginger Collections

Wild Ginger Collections draft custom-sized patterns for a variety of historical and unique styles for women. There are no upper size limits for our Collections. All patterns are drafted to YOUR measurements, fit, and design preferences.

All Collections are priced and sold separately.

Just click ... print ... tape ... and ... sew!

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Collections Include:

  • Historical Collection 1 - Ancient Times to 15th Century
  • Historical Collection 2 - 16th Century to 19th Century
  • Historical Collection 3 - Undergarments
  • Historical Collection 4 - Accessories
  • Deco Collection 1 - Tops, Dresses, and Jackets
  • Deco Collection 2 - Skirts
  • Asymmetry Collection - Asymmetry and Wearable Art

Collections Features:

  • All Collections can be drafted and printed in our FREE Collections Viewer
  • Historical Collections 1 - 4 are FREE in PatternMaster Boutique v7
  • Historical Accessories Collection 4 is FREE with purchase of Historical Collections 1, 2, or 3
  • Collections Viewer saves pattern files to the PatternMaster and Cameo file formats and can be opened and edited in the PatternMaster Pattern Editor or Cameo Pattern Design module
  • Fabulous custom fit patterns and totally free measuring and fit support
  • Comprehensive style summary
  • Print to any Windows printer or plotter
  • Easy to use Yardage Calculator determines the amount of fabric for your styles

Please note, all Collections sales are final.