Installing or Moving Stitch-n-Stash v7 to a New Computer

Stitch-n-Stash Download Link

Download the setup file for Stitch-n-Stash from the links below.

Product Key

You will need your product key to activate your software on your new computer. If you purchased directly from Wild Ginger, your product key can most likely be found in your account in our webstore. Log into your account in our webstore and go to Orders/View Order. Select the order for your program. You product key should be displayed within the order.

NOTE: Each product key is UNIQUE to the program it activates. Make sure that you have the correct product key for the program AND program version you are activating.

If you cannot find your product key or you are unsure as to the correct product key, please contact Wild Ginger Tech Support and include the FIRST and LAST NAME of the registered user for the program.

Copying Data from Your Old Computer

ALL of the data for your StitchnStash program is contained in the file SNS.SDF. The database file stores all saved records that you have entered. Your images and reports will be stored in the Embroidery, Equipment, Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Projects, Publications, Reports, and Sources folders.

  • To back up your data, launch Stitch-n-Stash on your old computer and choose System Tools from the main menu.
  • Click on the Back Up tab.
  • Select the location to back up your data and press the Back Up button.
  • The back up utility will copy the contents of the Databases, images (Embroidery, Equipment, Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Projects, Publications, Reports, and Sources), and reports folders to the location you selected.
  • If you have saved files in any other location, you will need to manually copy those files to your back up location.

Deactivating the Software

  • If you still have access to your previous computer, launch your program and go to Product Activation. Press the Lock button to deactivate your software and email the deactivation code to
  • Be certain to include your FULL NAME and your Product Key.
  • If you lose your program unexpectedly - such as a hard drive failure - and you need to re-install, but you are not able to send a lock code, email Wild Ginger Tech Support for assistance.

Installing the Program

  • Install the program on your new computer.
  • You MUST INSTALL your program from the setup file you downloaded. You cannot hotlink it from another computer or a backup folder or clone it.
  • If you no longer have the setup file you downloaded, you can download the latest full version of your software from the link above.

Activating the Program

  • After completing the installation, launch your program from the desktop icon and choose Click Here to Activate with a Product Key.
  • Enter the required registration information and your product key and press Activate.
  • If you received a message that your program has already been activated on two computers, please contact Wild Ginger Tech Support. We will need to add another unlock to your license record. Please include your REAL FIRST and LAST NAME and your PRODUCT KEY.
  • After installing and activating your software, install the latest or final update for your program.

Restoring Data and Files

  • To restore your data and files, copy the Embroidery, Equipment, Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Projects, Publications, Reports, Sources, and Stash folders from the back up location to the root StitchNStash folder making certain to replace any existing files or folders.
  • Copy the SNS.SDF file from the Databases folder to the root StitchNStash/Databases folder as shown below.

Updating Your Program

After installing and activating your software, you may need to download and install the latest or final update for your program. Check the link below for details on updating your program.

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