Customer Gossip


We are proud to list comments we have received from our customers regarding our products and customer support services.

I'm so glad I took the Blouse, Jacket & Dress Design class. It gave me many new insights in how to achieve a particular look using just the style editor, and in how options affect each other. The amount of content felt like what I might expect from a day-long course, and it's great to have all of it available for future reference.

from Juliane - a sewing enthusiast

I would (and do) recommend Pattern Master Boutique to everyone. Before I started using PMB, I had tried using several other methods of learning to sew. I had tried a miniature patterns system, an adjustable pattern as well as the various commercial patterns out there. Nothing ever fit me and I found that those systems that would draft to my personal measurements offered little or no support on the "how to" of using their systems.

I have learned more about drafting, fit, ease and sewing construction in this past year because of the special help and support that I have received from Wild Ginger and their chatter list than I could have learned in several years trying to work with any other system.

I no longer only wear knits ( I was wearing them because they stretch to fit the hard places). I can have any article of clothing, in MY measurements and shape in any fabric I want just by putting some numbers into my computer and printing out my pattern. There IS a learning curve to this program, but with so much support available, it's painless. Thank you Wildginger staff, you're support far exceeds the normal."

from Susan Moyer - a sewing enthusiast

"Thanks again for all the help. I made a final test bodice and it is PERFECT... I am so pleased... I'm really looking forward to sewing now. I've never had something fit me exactly since I learned how to sew. I've had to settle for close enough and I'm very fussy so I wasn't satisfied. You are welcome to use me for a reference if anyone ever wants an endorsement."

from Susan Apthorp - a sewing enthusiast

"I, like many other gals, am one size on the top and another size on the bottom. It has been my dream to have a princess line blouse or dress. You go into the department stores and it either fits you on the top or the bottom. Not both! Pattern Master: Boutique has made my dream come true. I look and feel like a Princess in it.

Customer support is the BEST! If you have two questions a day, you get two answers a day. They are right there for you. We are notified on line if there are any updates to the program such as a new added feature or that the program has been tweaked a little. You can't go wrong with either the program or wonderful people who created it. "

from Barbara Root - a sewing enthusiast

"I have found PatternMaster to have the most design variations of any computer pattern making program. With only 24 easy measurements to take, my patterns have consistantly fit extremely well on my hard to fit body. I have also found that the separate pieces fit together very well with minimal manipulation. The customer service has been first rate. I have had all of my questions answered quickly, and completely. I would highly recommend PatternMaster."

from Diane Kauffmann - a sewing enthusiast

"I love this program!!! I'm having bundles of fun!! I have made a blouse, a skirt & pants & they all fit so well. I know I'm going to have fun with all the design possibilities!"

from Katy Nesmith - a sewing enthusiast