Download Child's Play v3 Final Update

Build - July 01, 2007   |   7 MB


Installing the Update

NOTE: PatternMaster v3 programs were created prior to the existance of Windows 7 and higher and discontinued in 2007. They may not be compatible with later versions of Windows. To run PatternMaster programs on later versions of Windows, you will need to upgrade to the most current version PatternMaster. You can purchase the latest version in our webstore by clicking SHOP on the menu above.

Follow the steps below to download and install the update. Click the Help button if you need assistance with your web browser.



Step 1

Click the Download button above. Save the installation file to your computer following the instructions for your web browser.

Please NOTE: You may see a message indicating that this type of file could harm your computer. This is a generic message and does not indicate a problem with the download. Choose Save or OK to continue the download.


Step 2

Once the file download has completed, find and double click on the file to begin the installation following the instructions for your web browser.

You may need to disable your virus checker or other security software prior the installation.



Step 3

Click Yes if the Windows User Account Control requests permission for the program to begin installing. Follow the instructions on the installation screen to complete the installation.

DO NOT change the destination folder for the program.