Wild Ginger Newsletter Volume 1.3.15


In celebration of Mother's Day, our featured style in this volume is a pretty, breezy summer mother and daughter dress. This project is perfect for beginners just learning to use the PatternMaster Pattern Editor. This style also makes a great maternity dress.

We are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wild Ginger Software all year. We will be offering special prices on selected products on the 20th of each month through the end of 2015. See details at the end of the newsletter.

Homage to Charlie's Angels

Once upon a time, after a very long photo shoot, the Wild Ginger gals got a little silly.

Me (in the center), Erin, and Karen striking a pose

Featured Style

This style features a center front contrasting pleat. This technique can be used with many of the PatternMaster silhouettes and necklines in all of the PatternMaster programs. The separate pleat can be created in Pattern Editor or with a pencil and ruler.

Summer Mother/Daughter Dress with Contrasting Front Pleat

Customer Profile

Q: At what age did you start sewing?

    A: I have been sewing since elementary school. My first project besides doll clothes was a red/black denim wrap skirt for a Girl Scout badge in the fourth grade.. I did sewing projects in 3 years of 4-H, and in junior high took an adult education sewing class with my Mom so she could fit me. She made a brushed denim jacket and pants, I made a matching skirt and printed dress. My sewing interest and skills surpassed Mom’s in high school. My freshman year of college I advanced to State in the Make it with Wool Contest, and also changed my major to Textiles and Apparel.

Q: What brought you to sewing?

    A: I have been a “maker” all my life. Sewing often wins over knitting, jewelry making and other crafts because it is practical as well as creative. One can enjoy and share the love of sewing through clothing worn and home décor displayed. I love fabrics and fibers. My dream job is to be a textile designer or 3-D designer such as soft toys or costumes.

Q: What do you like most about sewing?

    A: I love that I can take a flat piece of fabric and turn it into a beautiful wearable garment for myself and others. I enjoy the problem solving aspects of utilizing the best layout, fixing things that go wrong, and using good workmanship to create quality clothing that fits my pear-shaped body.

Q: What kinds of things do you sew most often?

    A: I make most of my own clothes, plus outfits for my grandson and occasionally mom or daughters-in-law. I make quilts and other home décor, and stuffed toys. I had a custom wedding gown business for several years when my children were young, and have made costumes for local theaters and Halloween. I have even had my sewing on Hallmark cards—dresses and fairy costumes and three babies dressed as wise men!

Q: When did you first start sewing with Wild Ginger software?

    A: My first acquaintance with patternmaking software was Fittingly Sew, and product that didn’t get fully developed in the 1990s. In 2002, a Sewing Guild leader asked me to present a program on patternmaking software, so I decided to take a class in it at the ASG national convention in Philadelphia that year. I wasn’t really going to buy any software, but after listening to Karen Campbell and Loretta Gjeltma discuss several brands I thought, “Hmm, iF I was to buy software, Patternmaster Boutique sounds like the best.” I really wasn’t planning to buy pattern software, but I visited the booth, and after Paul Shanley answered some technical questions and Sandra Betzina walked by praising the software, I purchased it because I could return it in 90 days. I took it home, tried it, and was hooked! You can see my first garments at the end of the website www.flyingember.com/sewing/sewing.html. Almost everything I made with several PMB programs from 2002 to 2010 is on this website. It stops in 2010 when my first grandchild was born. I’m still sewing but spending time with my grandson and handling the affairs of my 92-year old mom and disabled sister have taken much of my Internet time.

Phyllis with her mom and daughters-in law in PMB gowns

Phyllis’ Grandson in Child’s Play overalls

Phyllis in her elegant jackets from PMB

Award winning denim jacket with fancy yoke from PMB

PatternMaster Curves casual tops and swimwear