Wild Ginger Newsletter Volume 1.2.16


Hi and welcome to the second Wild Ginger software newsletter of 2016.

Featured Style

Our featured style for this issue is a princess style with cut-on pocket. This project will teach you how to add a cut-on pocket to a top, blouse, or sheath with princess lines.

Princess Sheath with Cut-on Pocket

Customer Profile

Meet Paula Matthews. Paula is a retired school psychologist. In addition to sewing, she enjoys teaching art in elementary schools in Tucson, tap dancing, and assisting at a cooking school in Seattle.

Q: At what age did you start sewing?

    A: I started sewing at age 12, which was when my mother also started sewing. I remember her guiding me through my first project, a flannel nightgown.

Q: What brought you to sewing?

    A: I was drawn to sewing at first because of the encouragement my mother gave me. I have stayed with it because I have enjoyed the creative process.

Q: What do you like most about sewing?

    A: I like making garments that fit in a style I like. Now I especially like it because of the many opportunities sewing brings me for being part of a social group and serving the community. My husband and I now spend half our year in Seattle and half the year in Tucson. Since I had enjoyed the Seattle PMB’ers so much, the first thing I did when we moved to Tucson part-time was to start attending the Pattern Master Boutique meetings here. I had an instant peer group that I still enjoy. I also am active in the American Sewing Guild groups at both places. I am past-president of the Seattle ASG chapter. I have also participated in several community service sewing projects in Seattle as well as Tucson. In Seattle I help mend and make pillowcases at Ronald McDonald House. In Tucson I have helped teach refugees how to sew and use American style sewing machines as well as sew bags for Aviva, an agency that serves foster children. I occasionally teach at American Sewing Guild Neighborhood Group meetings. My projects usually are simple ones featured in Threads Magazine, such as how to make a circular shawl or bias topper and skirt.

Q: What kinds of things do you sew most often?

    A: I like to sew knit tops. My fellow PMB’ers and I trade ideas and help each other with fit.

Q: When did you first start sewing with Wild Ginger software?

    A: I first started sewing with Wild Ginger when V. 2 was just released. I bought it at Sew Expo in Puyallup. I can’t remember the year. Shortly after buying it, I contacted a couple of local users via the chat group, and we started meeting.

Mother of the Groom Dress

Knit Top with Flared Gored Skirt

Rayon Challis Top with Rayon Knit Sides

The Sacred Sewing Room

A few months ago, I became aware of an organization that has really touched my heart - Enchanted Makeovers. Their mission is to create environments for women and children living in shelters that educate, empower, open a path for creativity and self-expression. One of their main programs is The Sacred Sewing Room. The goal is to create sewing rooms in shelters, fill them with fabrics and sewing machines and teach women and children the valuable life skill that is sewing.

I have been sewing all of my life. It has not only given me the best possible career I could imagine but also a great outlet for stress and anxiety. So, I reached out to the founder Terry Grahl to see how I could be involved. Wild Ginger Software has just become a bronze sponsor of this fantastic organization.

If you would like to help, they can certainly use monetary donations. But they are also looking for donations of buttons, zippers, trims, rick rack, etc. They can also use fabric donations but need bolts of cotton or fleece. If you would like to get involved, visit their website below.

Sacred Sewing Room

The Sacred Sewing Room Before and After


sacred sewing room