Wild Ginger Newsletter Volume 1.1.16


Hi and welcome to the first Wild Ginger software newsletter of 2016.

Featured Style

Our featured style for this issue is the triple darted tee shirt. I found the idea for this shirt in a issue of Australian Stitches magazine. This style has three darts radiating out from the right sideseam. This project can be completed in any PatternMaster program. The fabric shown is a lightweight stable polyester knit. This style can also be created with an armscye dart and most any neckline. The darts can also be stitched on the outside of the fabric for a different look. I have adapted the pattern making instructions for our PatternMaster Pattern Editor or Cameo Pattern Design.

Triple Darted Tee Shirt

Customer Profile

Meet Stan Miguel. Stan lives in Evansville, Indiana. His career started as an Assistant Professor of Nutrition in a Home Economics Dept. at Arizona State University. He was too busy with his own career to pay attention to the Clothing Construction and Design Department. Now, he wishes I had done more. He moved to Michigan State University and then to Mead Johnson Nutritionals here in Evansville where he worked for 15 yrs. as a Research Scientist. He left there and did food industry and government consulting for another 15 yr. before retiring. He now works part-time for a Tailor and Alterations business. He does men's clothing fitting and alterations.

Q: At what age did you start sewing?

    A: I was 68. No previous sewing experience.

Q: What brought you to sewing?

    A: I have a friend with an upholstery and drapery business. Originally I thought I would enjoy upholstery. But my first sewing lessons involved making pajamas. I got hooked on garment construction, and the upholstery aspirations went by the wayside.

Q: What do you like most about sewing?

    A: It is very challenging both from technical and artistic viewpoints. When I am pattern-making and sewing, I get absorbed in the process, and time flies. You can get a better fitting garment with home sewing. I used to enjoy woodworking, and there are similarities to sewing. I will never learn everything about fitting and sewing, but the challenges keep me striving for better and better outcome. I also like the idea that home sewing is an indoor activity and not out in the dirty, cold garage like woodworking. There is the added benefit of being able to wear the garments one makes. I also am fascinated by sewing machines, even Vintage ones. I love to tinker with them just for fun; get them to do all the things they can just to see what it looks like. I have three sewing machines and a serger. One is a Pfaff 262 from the 1960's. I have to hold back from buying more Vintage ones. Always so tempting!

Q: What kinds of things do you sew most often?

    A: Men's shirts, pants ( khakis, jeans, and shorts), casual jackets, sweat pants, and pajamas. I used to sew knit tops for my daughters, but they were too picky about fit and lived too far away for fitting anyway. I also made several dresses for a friend of mine, who lives locally, but she has babies and is working now; there is no time for fittings. So I quit sewing for her, too. I really prefer to sew for myself.

Q: When did you first start sewing with Wild Ginger software?

    A: I bought Tailor Made V.4 in 2008. It was brought to my attention by a Wild Ginger Certified Educator, Mariette House. I loved the program from the beginning; I now have V.6. I am a detailed and technical person, so pattern software was the perfect match for me and my new found hobby. Subsequently, I bought Boutique and eventually Knits. I really like all the programs, but get most use out of Tailor Made as I only sew for myself now. These programs are amazing. They are so sophisticated and have so much in them. They have enabled me to achieve more than I ever imagined possible with my sewing. And the technical support it unbeatable.

Jeans and Jeans Jacket


Khaki Shorts

The Sacred Sewing Room

A few months ago, I became aware of an organization that has really touched my heart - Enchanted Makeovers. Their mission is to create environments for women and children living in shelters that educate, empower, open a path for creativity and self-expression. One of their main programs is The Sacred Sewing Room. The goal is to create sewing rooms in shelters, fill them with fabrics and sewing machines and teach women and children the valuable life skill that is sewing.

I have been sewing all of my life. It has not only given me the best possible career I could imagine but also a great outlet for stress and anxiety. So, I reached out to the founder Terry Grahl to see how I could be involved. Wild Ginger Software has just become a bronze sponsor of this fantastic organization.

If you would like to help, they can certainly use monetary donations. But they are also looking for donations of buttons, zippers, trims, rick rack, etc. They can also use fabric donations but need bolts of cotton or fleece. If you would like to get involved, visit their website below.

Sacred Sewing Room

The Sacred Sewing Room Before and After